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Looking for something to do?

PDL to the rescue! Check out an entire evening of entertainment from the Portage District Library with one of our Experience Bags. Perfect for a gathering of friends or a date night in, they contain all of the necessities for a memorable evening and check out for two weeks.

Each kit contains:

  • Video Component—One or more movies, or a season or more from a TV series.
  • Cookbooks—To make foods that resonant with the setting or time of the show(s) you are watching. Beverage ideas and recipes are often included.

  • Music—To play while guests are gathering or dinner is being prepared and served, should you decide to go that route.

From campy to romantic, thrilling to soul-searching… We have a bag for you.

Click here to search our catalog and check the current listings and availability of our Experience Bags!

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