Say What?!? - The Portage District Library Podcast

Say what? A term used when a person wishes for a surprising or astonishing statement to be repeated, or simply to show their surprise at said statement.

Say What?!? is the Portage District Library’s brand new podcast, where we will introduce you to the services and staff of PDL of which and whom you were not aware of. Each episode will consist of staff talking about the events they plan and host at the library, about the many ways we collect and make information useful to our “reading” public, and talking about books we have read in “novel” ways_. _

You can download episodes of Say What?!? at and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes .

Say What?!? is a quick and light way to access the inner workings of Portage District Library and it’s mysterious but enchanting staff. Your librarian hosts Lawrence, Ruth and Jessica are only too happy to record and share nerdy shenanigans with their community of listeners.

Episode 6 highlights February events, features an interview with librarian Nicolette Sosulski about PDL’s Weekend in a Bag sets, and in Things You Don’t Want To Talk About we discuss Mental Health (get your list of resources here), and wrap up with a fresh challenge in First Line Trivia.

Episode 5 highlights January events, Lawrence interviews teen librarian Olivia, who talks about teen programs and teen reads. In our Do You Dewey segment, Jessica offers you a card game challenge. And in the blooper reel from our first four episodes, we discuss why the Cookie Monster is Paleo.

Episode 4 highlights December events, Jessica interviews departing staff member Marsha, who shares her love of people. In our First Line Trivia segment, Ruth gives us a seasonal challenge. And Lawrence shares thoughts on cookies and introduces us to a Rare Word that only a scientifically-minded Winnie-the-Pooh might utilize.

Episode 3 highlights November events, Ruth interviews departing staff member Diane, who shares favorite fun moments at the library as well as her love for puns. In our Things You Don’t Want to Talk About segment, Jessica talks about medical marijuana laws. And Lawrence shares a Quick Tech Tip about downloading free comics at your library. Someone makes a turkey noise at the end.

Episode 2 highlights October events, Ruth interviews Laura and Christina about the upcoming Star Wars day event. In our Book Dome segment, Jessica champions Station 11 and Lawrence champions Seveneves. You decide which book you’d rather have on your bedside table.

Episode 1 highlights September events at the Portage District Library, and introduce some irregular features: Rare Words, where we talk about unusual and cool words, and the quiz features: First Line Trivia and Do you Dewey?

Episode 0 (which no longer exists) highlight our upcoming Art Encounters event in August; followed by a face off of books “Devil in the White City” and “Johannes Cabal the Necromancer” in our Book Dome segment. We spill the beans about having booze in the library (what?!?), and interview local historian Steve Rossio about the Prohibition Era.