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Fines & Fees

All library material is subject to overdue charges when not returned by the due date including inter-library loaned items; there is no grace period. This applies to library users of all ages.


Media Loan Period Fine per day
Books 4 weeks $.10/$5max
New Fiction 2 weeks $.10/$5 max
Talking Books 4 weeks $.10/$5 max
CD 2 weeks $.10/$5 max
DVD 1 week $.50/$5 max
Magazines 2 weeks $.10$/5 max
Discovery Kits/Special Collections 1 week $1/$10 max
Playaway View 1 week $1/$10 max
Book Discussion/Diagnosis Bags 6 weeks $1/$10 max
Weekend Bags 2 weeks $1/$10 max
Hot Pick Movies/Music/Games 1 week $1/$10 max
Hot Pick Books 2 weeks $1/$10 max
Mobile Hotspot 2 weeks $1/$10 max
Laptop Computers (in-library only) 2 hours $10.00 per hour/$100 max
Flash Drive 1 week $1/$10 max
Telescope Kits 1 week $10.00/$100 max


Item Amount/Conditions
Non-resident Membership* (1yr.) $176.00 for Individual/Family
Senior Non-resident Membership (1yr.) $88.00 for those 62+
Replacement Library Card $1.00
Processing fee for lost/damaged item** $5.00 in addition to cost of material
B&W Copy/Print $.10 per page
Color Copy/Print $.75 per page
FAX $1.00 per page
Returned Check (NSF) $25.00
Book Bags $2.00 each

*The non-resident membership fee is re-calculated annually per policy. Any fee changes are effective January 1.

**Library material that is damaged though improper or careless usage or is not returned in its complete state is subject to a replacement charge. We do not charge for slight, repairable damage that occurs as normal wear and tear.

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