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If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please email us.

Will a librarian visit my classroom or school? If you would like to schedule a visit from a Portage District Library Youth Services librarian for a booktalk or some other presentation, please give us a call (269/329-4542 ×603) or email! We will try to accommodate you, and we are experienced in talking to all grade levels.

Can I Get a Portage District Library Card?

If you live in Portage (Portage School District), you are eligible for a Portage Library Card. If you don’t live in Portage, but live in one of the areas with whom we have a reciprocal agreement, you can bring your home library card and driver’s license to Portage Library and get a free card. Email us or call 269/329-4544 if you have questions.

How can I best use the library catalog for a assignment?

If you have an assignment that requires library materials, you can email us and we will provide a live link to a list of materials available for check-out. Because the link is live, your search will automatically update as we purchase materials. These searches can be narrowed to include multiple subjects, fiction or nonfiction, lower or upper elementary, teen, or adult reading levels, or certain formats. Students or teachers can reserve books from this list for pick-up within the week.
Harlem Renaissance
(all reading levels, fiction and nonfiction)

Can you create a booklist for an assignment or free reading request?

If you would like a list that is more specifically tailored to your assignment or classroom recreational reading, we can create a web-accessible booklist that is linked to our catalog as well. Of course, you can also link a booklist into your own eboard if you like.:
Ms. VanGemert’s Civil Rights Biographies

Do you have audio book downloads and EBooks?

We provide audiobooks and EBooks (full-text books that you can download and read on your computer). People like digitally downloaded audio books because they can listen via an MP3 player or their computer and there isn’t any need to visit a library for these. Users download them and they cease to play when the loan period is complete. If you have any questions about using these, email or call us (269/329-4544) or check the links below for help sections. Sometimes it can be daunting to do this for the first time, so ask for help if you need it! Because a download is required for these, classroom use of digital audio books and ebooks requires some setup through your network person. We also offer TumbleBooks — good for preschool, primary, and upper elementary titles to read and/or listen to online. No download required, and fun games and comprehension questions included for some of the titles.

What do you provie for emergent readers?

We have built a large collection of materials to help beginner readers and their support adults. Check here for PREP kits, Discovery Kits, BOB books, Hooked On Phonics, and more:
Need Help With Your Beginning Reader

Research Databases:

We have everything from the “America the Beautiful” and the “Lands and People” series to Opposing Viewpoints reference books and Time magazine, all available online to anyone who has a library card number. There are also prep (such as SAT) and comprehension tests available (LearningExpress Library).

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