1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Start your child's journey as a life-long reader. One book each day will get you there in no time!

Pick up a reading log at the Youth Information Desk to help keep track day-to-day. Create a Beanstack  login to track your long-term progress. For every 100 books you read, stop by the Youth Information Desk to choose a prize and add a decoration to our mural.

FAQ and Additional Information

  • How do we keep track of what we read?
    Log your books online using Beantack online or the Beanstack app. You can also pick up a paper log if that is easier day-to-day, but the total number of books must be logged online. Ask at the Youth Information Desk for details.
  • Using the Beanstack app.

    1. Create an account here. (If you already have an account from our Summer Reading program, you can use that.)
    2. Download the “Beanstack Tracker” app on your mobile device.
    3. Open the app and click the “Find a Site” button at the bottom. In the box at the top, search for and select “Portage District Library”.
    4. Sign in with the Beanstack username you already created, or sign-up for one now.
    5. Select the “+” button on the bottom toolbar to add books. You can enter a title or scan the ISBN on the back of the book (not the same as the library barcode inside).


    Hint: Select “Quick Complete” to enter titles after you’ve completed the books, or select “Start Timer” if you want to time your reading sessions.

  • Do we have to read 1,000 different books?
    No, you could read the same book multiple times.
  • What counts as a book?
    Aside from traditional print books, audiobooks and eBooks are a great way to provide variety. You can also count books that are read during a Storytime event or that others read to your child. Just remember to log the number read, even if you don’t know the exact titles.
  • My child will be entering kindergarten soon. Can we still participate?
    As long as you have at least a year before kindergarten, we will prorate how many books you need to complete the program. Just ask at the Youth Information Desk for more details.