Free Study/Meeting Room Reservation

Currently, you can book a free study/meeting room for up to two hours. You are welcome to stay longer if no one needs to use the space. Each user will only be allowed to make one reservation at a time. We accept reservations up to two weeks in advance. Dry erase marker sets are available to use by request at the Adult Information Desk. For more information, see room descriptions, capacity, and amenities below.

To reserve a free room, please make a reservation on our online reservation calendar by clicking the button below, or call the staff at the Adult Information Desk at (269) 329-4544, option #1.

Room Descriptions & Amenities

All Free Study/ Meeting Rooms generally contain the following: table, chairs for capacity, whiteboard, electrical outlet, and Ethernet port. Most of the rooms that can be reserved overlook one of the library’s gardens and a trailhead to Portage Creek Bicentennial Park Trail.

Main Level Adult Area
Reserve in Advance
Main Level Adult Area
Walk-in Availability
Room 205
Capacity: 6 people

Room 210
Capacity: 4 people

Room 211
Capacity: 4 people

Room 219*
Capacity: 8 people
Room 206
Capacity: 4 peopleRoom 207
Capacity: 4 people

Room 208

Capacity: 2 people

Room 209

Capacity: 4 people

*This room has a large monitor for presentations.


Lower Level Youth & Teen Areas

These rooms are available for walk-in use only and designed to be used by the young people of our community. Each room accommodates only four people at a time. The teen study/meeting rooms are reserved for use by 6th -12th grade students. Please call the staff at the Youth Information Desk at (269) 329-4544, option #2 for additional information.