Local Authors at PDL

Local Authors at PDL

Discover new voices in the Local Authors Collection at Portage District Library.

The Portage District Library is fortunate to be part of a talented community. Each year we are approached by many local authors who are eager to share their work with us. As a community center to experience and explore local arts and culture, the Portage District Library is happy to support local authors in their efforts.

All of the authors in the Local Authors Collection are residents of Southwest Michigan. To learn more, browse some titles in our Local Authors Collection.

Information for Local Authors

Local authors are defined as residents of the Southwest Michigan region, particularly those who reside in Kalamazoo County or neighboring counties. The Portage District Library wishes to recognize the literary efforts of local authors by including their works in its collection.

If you are a local author interested in having your work included in the Local Authors Collection, please note the following guidelines for addition to the library:

  • Authors must be residents of the Southwest Michigan region. Our collection focuses on authors from Kalamazoo, Allegan, Barry, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, St. Joseph, and Van Buran counties.
  • Books in this collection are usually donated. If you are a new author, please consider donating your work to the library by sending us your book and filling out the form below. We can help you gain readers from the area who may buy your books. You may also request that we consider purchasing a copy of your book. Purchase requests are reviewed quarterly.
  • Local author materials are evaluated by library staff before being put on the shelf. Items chosen for collection admission will be labeled and placed in our Local Authors Collection.
  • Materials will be selected and maintained based on criteria detailed in our Material Selection Policy.
  • All books submitted for consideration become the property of the Portage District Library and will not be returned. The Library cannot assume responsibility for damage or loss of any item.

How to Submit Your Work

Option 1: Donate

Fill out the submission form below and donate a copy of your published work by sending it to:

Portage District Library | Local Author Submissions | 300 Library Lane, Portage, MI 49002

We will acknowledge receipt of your work within 30 days. We carefully evaluate all new books using the detailed selection criteria in the Library’s Collection Development Policy. You will receive notification regarding the Library’s decision within 90 days. Acceptance of a copy of your work for the collection does not guarantee that we will buy additional copies. If we buy additional copies, they may not be purchased directly from you. Some works, especially works of non-fiction, may not be considered without accompanying professional reviews. Works not accepted for the collection will not be returned to the author.

Option 2: Request a Purchase

If you are unable to donate your work, you may request that the Portage District Library purchase your book. Fill out the submission form below and be sure to select the “Purchase Requested” option.

Local author purchase requests are reviewed quarterly and only a small portion of requests will be purchased for the collection. We cannot guarantee that you will be notified if we select your work for addition to our Local Authors Collection. If selected, we will purchase a copy of your work from a vendor we choose. Purchase of a copy of your work for the collection does not guarantee that we will buy additional copies.

Finally, the Library relies in part on professional reviews when making all selection decisions and it is up to local authors to solicit reviews for their works. You may resubmit your work if professional reviews appear at a later time.

Review Sources

For best results, select professional review sources that target your specific market in terms of genre and intended audience. For example, if your book is a young adult novel, you may want to request a review from Kirkus.

Market guides such as Writer’s Digest and Writer’s Market can assist with your review research. Be certain to read and follow the specific guidelines for each source before submitting your work. Ask your librarian for assistance in finding these resources.

To submit your work for inclusion in our Local Authors Collection, please fill out the form below.

What You Can Expect from Us

On occasion, the Portage District Library may promote the book(s) of a local author. For example, an author may be booked for a library event or the Portage District Library may include an item in a display or list featuring a particular subject or genre.

The Portage District Library does not schedule authors for an event unless their works are in the Library’s collection. Inclusion of an author’s book in the Library’s collection does not guarantee the author’s participation in library events.

The Portage District Library bears no obligation for marketing an author’s work. Authors are fully responsible for promoting their work.

Connect with PDL

The library enjoys helping authors connect with their community. To start a conversation about potential event opportunities or helpful resources for authors, contact:

Lawrence Kapture
Head of Adult Services
(269) 585-8718