Return or Renew

Return or Renew

Returning Items

Exterior dropbox

Please return materials in our exterior dropbox 24/7  at the drive-thru chutes on the south side of the library at 300 Library Lane.

Interior dropbox

You may return materials inside during our open hours via the return chutes on the right between the entrance and the Checkout Desk.

Renewing Items

We automatically renew items two days prior to the due date if they are not requested by another member or from a non-renewable collection. Renewal extends the due date for an additional full loan period from the item’s due date. You also have the option to renew your materials from your MyAccount login by clicking on the “Checkouts” tab, and selecting the boxes next to the items you would like to renew.

Items will have a red note stating, “This item cannot be renewed” if it has been renewed twice already, or because it is a type of material that cannot be renewed (Hot Picks, for example). Items requested by other members will not be marked as non-renewable until after you attempt to renew them.

You may also renew items at the Checkout Desk or through a Self-Checkout kiosk.