Book Discussion in a Bag

Hosting a book club? Our Book Discussion in a Bag kits make it easy!

What’s in the bag?

In each bag, you will find multiple copies of a book title, an author bio, book reviews, discussion questions, and further reading. The kit includes everything you need to sign copies out to book group members and dig into a rousing discussion.

Which titles do you have?

We refresh our Book Discussion in a Bag kits about once a year. Our current list of titles shows every Book Discussion in a Bag kit we have at the library. You can also browse our catalog to see which titles are currently available.

View and print our current Book Discussion in a Bag list.

How do I check one out?

Book Discussion in a Bag kits may be checked out for six weeks. An individual member can have up to two kits on their library card at one time. Inquire at the Adult Information Desk about current availability, how to place a hold, and how to check one out.

Members who check out a Book Discussion in a Bag kit are financially responsible for returning the entire kit. Kits include a sign-up sheet to help borrowers keep track of the books they hand out to people in their book group. Kits returned missing any materials will remain on the member’s library card until all materials are returned. Charges for replacement pieces will be determined on a case-by-case basis as necessary to return the kit to the collection for use.

What if we decide to read a different book?

Please let us know what your book group is reading, so we can connect members to reading and discussion guides! The library offers lists of recommended book group titles, and we would love to share your favorites with other book groups or help you select your next book.
Do you need assistance finding more copies of a certain title? If you let us know at least two weeks in advance, we may be able to help you request copies from other libraries.

To learn more about our Book Discussion in a Bag kits or other book club resources, please call the Adult Information Desk at (269) 585-8739 or email us at