The Library PASS

A partnership between Portage Public Schools and the Portage District Library

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The Library PASS (Portage Access for Student Success) card was created to support student education by giving every Portage Public School student easy access to the Portage District Library’s physical and digital resources.

All students enrolled at the Portage Public Schools can use their Student ID number as a library card number to check out materials, use inter-library loan, and access the PDL Digital Library anytime, anywhere.

How does The Library PASS Work?

Upon enrollment in Portage Public Schools, Students are automatically registered for a Library PASS card, allowing them to access physical and digital materials for schoolwork, recreation, and personal growth.

The Library Pass card enables student use of PDL resources such as public computers, Rosetta Stone language learning software, ScholasticGO educational support, Creativebug art and craft video classes, OverDrive/Libby and Hoopla e-book and streaming services, and much more. Students may also borrow materials from libraries across Michigan through the MeL (Michgan Electronic Library) system.

Library PASS FAQ's

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  • What is the Library PASS?

    The Library PASS is a joint project between the Portage District Library and the Portage Public Schools to allow students to use their Student ID number as a public library card.

  • How do PPS students access PDL resources?

    Each Portage Public School student is given a Student ID number when enrolled in Portage Public Schools. That Student ID number is now their Portage District Library Card number as well. To borrow physical materials at the library, students can show their Student ID card to check-out staff or type the number into the Self-Checkout Machines. Students can also request a PASS card be printed for them at the Youth Information Desk. To access digital materials, visit the PDL Digital Library and use your Student ID number when asked for a library card number.

  • What is the PIN for Library PASS cards?

    The PIN number is the last four digits of the phone number on the student’s account with the Portage Public Schools.

  • How do students enroll in this library card program?

    All Portage Public School students are automatically enrolled in the Library PASS when they enroll in school. Parents/guardians who do not wish to participate may opt out by contacting the Portage Public Schools.

  • How do I find a Student ID number?

    Each student is assigned a Student ID number upon enrollment to the Portage Public Schools. You can find your child’s Student ID number by calling their school or by accessing the Skyward Portal online. Skyward Portal technical support may be reached via

  • Will students get a physical library card?

    Physical library cards can be printed upon request at the Youth Information Desk. However, this collaboration is designed to facilitate easy access to materials, so students only need to know their Student ID number and PIN (last four digits of phone number) to check out physical and digital materials or to access research databases. Please call (269)585-8740 or email the Youth Information Desk with any questions.

  • What is the difference between a PASS card and a resident Portage District Library Card?

    There is no difference between these cards in terms of access to books/materials and resources, or in terms of any fees that may accrue. The only differences are in the ease of automatic enrollment and the ability to use the already established Student ID number as a library card number. Please visit the Get Help and About menus to learn more about borrowing/account limits and loan periods, our Fine-Free Policy, and more.

  • What if my student already has a Portage District Library card?

    Because Portage Public School students are automatically enrolled for a Library PASS, your student will receive one even if they already have a Portage District Library card. Families may choose to use one or the other. The Library PASS is designed to remove barriers to library card use, so students who use the Library PASS card will have their library account information automatically updated annually by the Portage Public Schools and will have a “fresh start” when using the Library PASS card if any fees have accrued on their regular card.