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Explore the databases and resources provided by the Portage District Library.

PDL Recommended Databases
Resume BuilderPDL Database

Build a resume online in minutes with resume builder. Create resume content with their step-by-step resume writing guide. Format your resume by selecting a design template and font. Download and email your resume in multiple formats.

TumbleBook LibraryPDL Database

TumbleBook Library offers eBooks, read-alongs, videos, audiobooks, and games that help pre-school and K-3 level children learn all while discovering the joys of reading. This resource is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. There is also a mobile app available. Use your library card number and pin to access this resource.

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Weiss Ratings OnlinePDL Database

Weiss Financial Ratings Series Online combines the strength of Weiss Ratings and TheStreet Ratings to provide libraries and their patrons with a single source for:
– financial strength ratings
– financial planning tools covering Banks, Insurers, Mutual Funds and Stocks
-financial literacy basics.

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Value LinePDL Database

This investment database reports on approximately 1,700 stocks and more than 90 industries and also covers mutual funds, convertible securities, options, special situations, and more.

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This resource for small business owners/entrepreneurs walks the user through brainstorming the creation of a small business, as well as the writing of a business plan, business canvas, lean canvas, and several other business visualization models.
Scholastic GO!PDL Database
One link, five hundred thousand resources for homework help. Includes nonfiction texts, Newspapers, Videos, Maps to help your student excel in their homework assignments.
Rosetta StonePDL Database

This innovative language solution for libraries helps patrons engage with confidence in multilingual settings close to home and in locations abroad. Choose learning paths in more than 28 languages. Note: Access is provided through the website.

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Want to use Rosetta Stone App through the Portage District Library?

Follow these steps to access the Rosetta Stone Library Solution:
1. Open your App Store.
2. Search for ‘Rosetta Stone.’
3. Download the Rosetta Stone application. (Specifically, the ‘Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice, and Speak Languages’ application from Rosetta Stone Ltd.)
4. DO NOT launch the app once installed.
5. Next, open your web browser.
6. Navigate to our Databases page and click on the Rosetta Stone link. (You may have to do this each time you access Rosetta Stone.)
7. Once routed to the log-in screen, enter your email, password & language you desire to learn.
8. Click ‘Sign In’ to enter the program.
9. Once in the Language Learning Suite, click the top link ‘Launch Rosetta Stone Foundations’.
10. After a moment, you will be prompted to open the application or the app will open.


This resource contains information on more than 70 million U.S. businesses, as well as residential information from every phone directory in the United States. Data is organized and retrievable by economic, geographic, and thematic searches.


This investor information database provides information on nearly 8,000 stocks and 15,000 funds. Charts and graphs can track the performance of an investment vehicle over time periods that can be specified.

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Training Topics in this business-and-life-enhancing database include: 3D Animation, Business, Design, Diversity, Home Computing, Photography, Web, Leadership, Microsoft Office, Time Management, Communication, Marketing. Some training programs offer certificates upon completion.

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