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History and Countries Databases

More than 450,000 biographies. Includes complete full-text run of Biography Today and Biography Magazine as well as thousands of narrative biographies.


Ancestry Library Edition contains federal census information, genealogies, and family histories. The world’s largest online family history resource with instant access to hundreds of years of history in billions of historical documents and millions of historical photos from all over the world.

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Arts, biography, business, current events, geography and culture, health, history and social science, science and math. Pulls content from more than 25 resources with one search.

Family history/genealogy resource including more than 6 billion historical records from the United States, Europe, Latin America, and other regions. Includes the full USA federal census (1790-1940); census of England and Wales (1841-1901); U.S. World War II Army Enlistment as well as records of Union and Confederate Civil War soldiers. Over 2 billion family trees.

Michigan eLibraryMEL Database

The State of Michigan supplies over fifty resources to further academic and career growth, only some of which we feature on our website. If you can’t find information in the PDL databases, check out the Michigan eLibrary for resources on education, medicine, business, and history, among other topics. Michigan eLibrary is available anywhere in Michigan.

The Portage District Library’s Heritage Room’s digital archives serve the dual purpose of bringing our unique collection of historic documents and photographs out of the dark file cabinets and dusty back-room storage spaces and giving you easy access to these marvelous resources. Sorry, we are currently experiencing difficulty accessing this database outside of the library.