Creative and STEM Kits

Use these kits in the Makerspace anytime!

Are you interested in using the Portage District Library but don’t have a project in mind? Check out our STEM Kits and our Creative Kits. These kits cover everything from 3D drawing to Jewelry making to simple electric circuitry.  And we are adding kits all the time. Pick up a kit to tinker with in the Makerspace and return it when you are finished.

All kits are free to use at this time.

Creative Kits

Patrons may use our ribbon or bring their own.

Metal Stamping

Get creative by using metal stamping to make personalized jewelry.

Bow Making

Make beautiful bows of different sizes using our bowmaker.

Jewelry Making

Get ready to make your own jewelry creations. Start from scratch and make your own beads and charms. Get ready to get creative!


Use the lightbox and pencils to trace intricate and beautiful pictures.



Have some nostalgic fun creating spiraling designs using Spirograph’s interlocking wheels.

This kit contains traditional Spirograph and Spirograph Animate.

Potholder Loom

Use the loom and the materials provided to weave your own potholder!

Choose from provided designs or create your own.

Woodzilla Printing Press Kit

Explore printmaking with our new Woodzilla Printing Press Kit. Use the press and the other tools provided to make beautiful prints.

Bring your own paper, ink, and linocuts or stamps.
This kit is for Adults Only.

Mandala Stencil Kit

Try your hand at stenciling using these beautiful mandala designs.

Card Making Kit

Use stamps, cutouts, and a variety of patterned paper to make personalized greeting cards.



3D Pen

Use our 3D pen to create 3D creations either by using our templates or coming up with your own design.


Use coding and colors to move the Ozobot robots back and forth and around.

Snap Circuits

Use the Instruction Manual to follow the included experiments using Snap Circuts.

Patrons may use the materials in the kit to make their own electronic projects, but they cannot take them home as the materials will be reused.

Sphero Indi Coding

Help the cars drive through mazes you design. Learn the basics of coding and computational thinking while racing your cars.